Nov 5, 2010

creations of the yarn variety

About a year and a half ago my friend from the far off land of Alaska came to visit me in the bubble of Boulder, CO. I made her an iPod case for her monolithic original iPod. To keep it warm in the cold winter months of course. I knocked it out in the short while she was visiting. As awesome as she is and as hard to resist as Colorado is, she came back to visit me this year, in my new home. Her iPod case was looking a little weathered. In my lack of craftiness in the last year, I still somehow agreed to make her a new one. Two new ones! What was I thinking right? Needless to say they were not complete, not even started, in those 5 days. I lost count of how many times she had to remind me of what I was supposed to be doing with that yarn stuffed in my desk drawer that the cat sometimes gets to. Four months later (I'm on top of things, I know) here you have it: Francis (thanks to my talented brander) the lackadaisical owl iPod case, a little personalized furry flap case, and an update to the worn original. 

Here's hoping the craft bug stays.

Nov 2, 2010


Another treat! One of my favorite bloggers, Ez of Creature Comforts, just released Gifted, a fabulous online magazine of holiday projects, interviews and more. Every page is as inspiring as her blog posts. Start reading! And If you ever need a little beauty and inspiration in your life (who doesn't?) or just a little artful eye candy, check out her blog!