May 8, 2011

tab explosion (list 18 of 52)

Tabs I always keep open, a list of bad internet management.

It's true, I browse the intertubes by opening a million different tabs and taking a week to get to them if at all. These are the ones I'm always looking at:

  • Bloglovin' - the main catalyst for the tab frenzy
  • CorePower or some other MBO-fueled yoga schedule to stay on top of
  • Matt or Ryan's blogs. It's like how normal people read Facebook, constant refresh. I have no idea why
  • Instapaper - the real reason I can ever close tabs, by adding them to endless "to read" lists
  • Hulu, for catching up on Desperate Housewives and The Office
  • The Huffington Post used to be a big one but now it's wherever news pops up and encourages the vicious tab cycle

May 1, 2011

things I didn't do (list 17 of 52)

Things I didn't get done this month but should have. Or, why am I so busy? A list.

  1. Go see a nutritionist
  2. Write a letter back to my grandma
  3. Clean up and organize my workspace
  4. Clean the kitchen
  5. Make 2 malas
  6. Make some toy samples to send to my cousin for his new shop
  7. Any of my homework
  8. Write my yoga bio
  9. Take photos for my yoga bio
  10. Yoga studies (anatomy, reading, marketing)
  11. Have gifts ready ahead of time for all of the birthdays
  12. Plan Easter (no sweet treats or creative festivities this year!)
  13. Be ready for Mother's Day (again, nothing. Fail.)
  14. Respond to most of my emails
  15. Celebrate Earth Day
  16. Get my life in order
I swear I did do some things, I need a better to-do list system. Any ideas of pure productive genius?

Apr 24, 2011

faves (list 16 of 52)

Things I love, a list

...on and on

Apr 20, 2011

something mighty

travel? design? office supplies? I'm in love. Not only is this an awesome concept but the name, it's perfect. I'm jealous, and I want it. RAD AND HUNGRY's Something Mighty Collection. Limited edition, locally sourced office supply kits that aim to infuse lo-fi design with travel.

Apr 17, 2011

ick (list 15 of 52)

things I dislike, a list:

(image from

  • folding laundry
  • unloading dishes from the dishwasher
  • cilantro (ick)
  • licorice/anise/fennel (double ick)
  • when people move your drinking cup by grabbing it from the top (thanks, stop pussyfootin around and just put your hands in my mouth instead)
  • using your/you're, its/it's, their/they're/there improperly
  • watching football (snooooze)
  • putting words in other languages on menus and then not knowing how to pronounce them (it won't make a grilled cheese more sophisticated, really)
  • chicken (gross, just gross)
  • children that are loud and annoying (I am a bad person, there's not really an excuse)
  • when people drive with their dogs in their laps (you should text and drink while you're at it)
  • driving in the snow (terror)
  • parallel parking
  • budgeting
  • blood/needles/doctors/hospitals (kryptonite)
  • turtlenecks
  • dry-clean/hand wash clothes
  • bad oral hygiene
  • coffee, unless it's loaded with sugar and artificial deliciousness
  • the smell of gasoline
  • my knees
this is probably not a good one to continue expanding...

is it vacation time yet?

An innovative vacation home in Kawakami Village, Japan:

Designed by Shin Ohori of General Design Co., the structure—Setsumasa bristles at the word “house,” since his desire was for something that “was not a residence”—and its wooded surroundings serve as a testing ground for the Kobayashis, who design outdoor clothing and gear (as well as many other products) for their company, .......Research. The shelter is constructed from locally harvested larch wood and removable fiberplastic walls and is crowned with two yellow dome tents used as year-round bedrooms.

Still, this is no primitive lean-to. There’s electricity, hot water, and a kitchen—not to mention iPads, Internet, and a clawfoot tub. By day, the couple trims trees and chops firewood. At night, they sit around a campfire and eat Japanese curry, listen to Phish, and balance their laptops on their knees. This is what a modern back-to-the-land effort looks like.

Read more:

Now that's my kind of camping!