Feb 18, 2011

gifts I've loved (list 7 of 52)

Memorable gifts I've received: a miscellany

Bear with me here as most of my childhood had been blocked out due to traumatic photos like this one. No, I did not used to be a boy, I just thought I was apparently.
  • "Flexible Flyer" hobby horse. Christmas, 1990. It was like being in a supermarket parking lot, all the time!
  • Plastic dollar store alligator. 1990. This was probably my favorite of anything I've ever owned, and the cheapest. I carried it around EVERYWHERE until our dog got a hold of it and it met its sad fate.
  • Lite-Brite. 1992. I could sit in front of that thing for hours. That fact is probably still true.
  • Girl Talk: a Game of Truth or Dare. 1997? The video is just as exciting as when I tried to make my older boy cousins play with me. Reason #24 why being an only child is awkward.
  • A box of inside jokes. 2001. I've known my BFF since we were 2. You can imagine the amount of weird inside jokes that rack up in that amount of time. She filled a box with orange soda, boat flags, trash, you know, standard stuff. It was the most original, hilarious, and personal gift ever.
  • One of Justin's first poetry notebooks. 2006. Filled with scratched out versions and first drafts. Fabulous.
  • Watercolored sign/decoration thing. 2007. My friend took a painting class, the result, a crazy awesome sign with my nickname and tree bits. I know it sounds weird, but it was sweet, he spent the whole time working on this to surprise me with it.
  • Giant OCR3w road bike. 2008. A gift to myself for saving money from crappy college jobs. That counts right? I love this beast.
  • Chanel pearls. 2010. A dream come true. Shallow, I'm aware.
  • Any gift from my mister. The wrapping is so exciting most of the time it doesn't even matter what's inside.
What ever happened to that voice that seems to be in every 90s commercial? Seriously.

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