Jun 26, 2010

Step 1: Start a blog. Done!

After spending a month stressing about being a new graduate, which, along with having to grow up, also means not being able to find work in a field I actually want a career in, I've decided to do something about it. Well, sort of.

In the spirit of well, pretty much everyone else in the world, I'm going to start a blog. Because I'm sure that the whole world must hear my ramblings and actually cares what I think. Stay with me here. The endless job hunt will continue, but I am also trying to make the best of all of this free time and that's what this will be about.

You know how people always say "now I finally have the time to start that tomato garden/learn to make cheese/become a pro at wiffle ball" and what have you when they finally get some time? Well I'm actually going to do it. Not necessarily wiffle ball but you get the idea.
So far, my list includes things more like cooking more often and getting better at it, learning how to sew, and mastering The Electric Slide. So here goes...

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