Jul 1, 2010

Home sweet mess

It was my impression that after graduating, I would have plenty of free time this summer. I mean, there's no real schedule to follow and no assignments, so wouldn't that make sense? Apparently not. I've never been busier in my life. Most of it though, is a good busy, like moving in to a new place.

There has to be some real talent involved in moving, unpacking, and putting everything in its place within a few days. I, it seems, am completely lacking in those skills. Our rooms are nicely divided by half-opened boxes, some natural disaster seems to have occurred in my closet, and with a bike in every corner it looks like the Tour rolled through here early (which would actually be pretty awesome).

Regardless of the mess and the fact that I can't remember where I've put anything in the kitchen, so far there has been time to do the "practice cooking" part. Last night we had a lovely dinner of asparagus mushroom risotto and tomato & herb bruschetta, both recipes from my Vegetarian Times cookbook which is a favorite whether or not you're a tree-hugger. Both came out delicious. Bigger bread for the bruschetta would have been nice, but I put holes in the tops of the slices to fill them with more tomato mix. The risotto never comes out looking as good as it tastes so it didn't get a photo shoot. Something to work on!

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