Jul 5, 2010

Take me out

Newsflash: Deadlines really get things done. Like planning a party for 4 days after you move into a new place. That'll make you organize everything the night before AND give you time to cook and prepare day-of. It's true.

The reason I couldn't unpack and organize over a few days like a normal person was that I was busy getting to know my new neighborhood. You know, like taking a BYOB historical tour of the city on a wooden bus with bullhorns decorating the hood and sofas as seats. Enter Banjo Billy's, a place to learn where Denver's big blue bear came from, why the Brown Palace Hotel is haunted, and tons of other things that make Denver so great; sunshine anyone?

I had been wanting to go on Banjo Billy's for a long time both in Boulder and Denver and I'm so glad I did! There's so much to get to know here and every part of it makes me love Denver more.

Along the lines of crossing things off the "when I have time" list, that's the purpose of this blog isn't it? Kind of? I also went to my first Rockies (maybe my first baseball game) game. And what a first! We beat the Giants 7-3 AND we did the wave 3 consecutive times around the stadium. I'm easily impressed. 

So far, in these few busy days of trying to get organized and keep getting at the endless list of things that I have all the good intention of doing, I have managed to enjoy crossing off some of them, and with that, counted myself as one of the many that has fallen in love with Denver.

"...newcomer to Denver as I am, and threading its streets, breathing its are, warm'd by its sunshine, and having what there is of its human as well as aerial ozone flash'd upon me now for only three or four days, I am very much like a man feels sometimes toward certain people he meets with, and warms to, and hardly knows why" -Walt Whitman from Specimen Days and Collect, November Boughs and Good Bye My Fancy


  1. aw, baseball games are so much fun! i hope you had peanuts.
    (i'd say hot dog, but, well, you know).

  2. good thing Coors Field has veggie dogs!