Jul 30, 2010


This blog now has direction! Well, kind of. At least a little more. Baby steps...

In the never-ending and exhausting quest to find a job, I keep wondering why I don't just do what I do best? Run away. I know, genius. But really, it's always easier to go find something more exciting to spend the time doing in some far-off land than to deal with being a grown up in boring old "I can understand everything everyone is saying and nobody is looking at me weird" land. Where is the fun in staying somewhere "comfortable"? Honestly. Let's see if I can't find out.

I have climbed rocks, run from bulls, and lived in Spain, I have danced under the Eiffel Tower and all across the South of France, partied at Pride London, rallied in Amsterdam, eaten my way through Italy, been surprised in Slovenija, been a tourist in Russia, Austria, Hungary, explored Colombia and Mexico, road tripped Costa Rica, circumnavigated the globe on a ship, played circus in Brazil, Sandboarding in Namibia, gone mountain biking and on safari in South Africa, fallen in love with India, wandered Malaysia, offended in Singapore, eaten pho in Vietnam, hiked the Great Wall, slept in a capsule hotel, froze on Mt. Fuji, participated in a tea ceremony, and was ridiculous in Japan, have become permanently attached to Cambodia, hiked glaciers in Alaska, glitzed and glammed in New York, tried to like Pittsburgh, never wanted to leave the Redwoods, always wanted to leave Miami, now, I find myself in Denver and let's see how long I can keep it interesting.

Talk about run-on sentences.

So what is this direction? Well, an adventurer takes her most daring feat yet! Wait for it... staying put!

*P.S. my man takes some rockin' photos that you should check out before he finds out I stole a bunch of unedited ones...


  1. Minor note - I wouldn't really call glaciers icebergs. I like the new direction though!

  2. right! All I could think of was that tiny row boat approaching that tiny glacier a la Titanic...

  3. don't forget! rode the streetcar in New Orleans! :)

  4. left that out, and Prague, and who knows what, see, it's so much I can't even keep track of it!