Jul 7, 2010

Red, white & blueberry

For the 4th of July this year, my boyfriend and I had a small party at our place. We made veggie sloppy joe sliders (always a favorite, and they can fool any meat eater!), and red white and blueberry cupcakes. For the cupcakes, I adapted this great red velvet recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I picked that one specifically, not because those recipes are usually incredible anyway, but because I agreed with her thoughts on red velvet; It's red food coloring cake. I don't get it. But in this recipe you can actually taste the cocoa and they are so moist and delicious! I also discovered a mess-saving cupcake tip: To fill the cupcake pans, use an icing bag or a ziplock bag with a point cut off instead of just spooning or pouring the batter in. This gives you more accurate filling control and a whole lot less dripping! Bon appetit!

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