Aug 16, 2010

burgers & bikes

In attempting to save money as well as make sure we don't waste food, we've been trying to plan weekly meals so that we use up as much as we buy. So, we made burgers 3 ways. The other two ways don't photograph so well so use your imagination.

First, we made a veggie Big Mac: Gardenburger with cheese, tomatoes, pickles and thousand island. Whoops, I mean "special sauce". 

Then, I made a gardenburger with cheese, ketchup and, bear with me, a fried egg. I know, weird, but so incredibly delicious. The best veggie burger I've ever had, ever, was in Cambodia and it was covered in shredded white cheese and a fried egg. Oh, and it cost $1. I often try to recreate it but nothing has lived up to it yet.

Finally, we made a variation of this recipe for portabella burgers with balsamic mayonnaise. We used chive cream cheese and altered the herbs a bit. So good, you could just make the portabellas and serve that with rice if you're too fancy for burgers.


On another, possibly just as irrelevant note, I completed the 130K SPAN the Rockies race yesterday in 6 and a half hours. Slow, and painful, but fun. It wasn't at all what I was expecting. Lance Armstrong was not there, waiting to demoralize me for not being competitive, and though the first 30 miles were a tough, slow climb, the rest was much milder. And soaring through a canyon at 30mph is just as fun when your knees are in excruciating pain. Boulder to Ward to Lyons to Hygiene to Niwot to Boulder. Beautiful! I can't wait for the even more laid back Venus de Miles ride in two weeks!


  1. Yay glad your bike event was enjoyable! =)

  2. those burgers sound freaking sweet.
    i waaaaannnttttt!