Aug 23, 2010

ooshy gooshy

I've always left pies for winter desserts but this one, if you add a few different types of peaches, is still fruity and light enough for summer, with or without some vanilla ice cream!

There's something about baking. Making everything from scratch, setting out and prepping the ingredients. I could do it all day. I don't know what it is about the really basic stuff that fascinates me, but I've always wanted to go even more basic.

Making your own crackers or preserves is far more impressive to me than baking a pie. I want to learn to can and jar. And all those simple tricks from Cook's Illustrated or Real Simple, I wish I had those catalogued in my brain. 

That Animal, Vegetable, Miracle lifestyle, I want that. That, and that 50's demand for style and class where I get to prance around in pouffy dresses and have it be perfectly acceptable to sass everyone. 

1 comment:

  1. There is something romantic about the 50's era lifestyle, I find I'm even more attracted to the 20's but for entirely different reasons. Still have that book in a pile of borrowed books to read too.