Jan 6, 2011

22 before 23 (list 1 of 52)

22 things to do before I turn 23

1. Learn to can/jar
   2. Learn how to really use my sewing machine
3. Start a design/inspiration book
4. Teach yoga at least once a week
6. Teach a yoga class of strangers
7. Find a new job
8. Make headbands to sell
9. Make plushies to sell
10. Learn to knit
11. Settle on a design name
12. Make an Etsy store
13. Try every yoga studio in Denver
14. Practice Sanskrit
15. Study anatomy
16. Start learning my way through Mastering The Art of French Cooking
17. Make crackers (from scratch)
18. Keep a budget
20. Spend the night in an ashram
21. Practica el Español et le Français
22. Post this list where I see it every day (Wunderlist iPhone app and free desktop program + inspiration board)

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