Jan 20, 2011

careers I wouldn't mind having (list 3 of 52)

My twirling, shot by the ever so talented Ryan 
What I'd like to be when I grow up, a list:

1. Dancer, à la Pilobolus.

2. Physical therapist. How fun would it be to stretch out  Nenê pre-grame?

3. Archeologist, more discovering, less statistics please.

4. Tree-Climbing Scientist, ever since I saw a picture of someone doing something like this in a National Geographic when I was 8.

5. Designer/Stylist/Image Consultant. Ah, picking out outfits and dressing people all day, yes!

6. Owner of a cafe/shop. Maple bacon peanut butter pancakes and homemade goodies anyone? Time to be creative and do things I love all day? Wait, that's a mom isn't it?

7. Forensic Psychologist/Examiner ish? The mystery, the intrigue! oh and the law! I might be romanticizing this...

1 comment:

  1. I think there is a bit of romanticism in all dreams about jobs as kids.

    Also - #4 - love it. Akin to living in a tree fort.