Jan 21, 2011

The Rules by Corita Kent

Courtesy of Keri Smith, another inspiration.

After the holiday rush I feel like my creativity just disappeared. With so much to do and figure out, I have handfuls of lame excuses. I feel like I'm always trying to "figure out" my life. There's too much to do. I need to clear my space and my head and get to crafting! What do you do when you feel overwhelmed with things that aren't what you want to be doing?


  1. Usually when that happens I reevaluate and think about what I do want to be doing, which ultimately I don't know, and then research new paths to take, so I end up with about a thousand ideas for what's next in life for me instead of a clear cut two or three choices.

  2. I make a list of three things I have to do and won't let myself eat until I do them...I hope that is a normal response.